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Best Quality Cat Products at Discounted Prices - Spoil your kitty(ies) with the finest cat trees, cat condos, cat beds, cat toys and More.  We're all about CATS!

Cat Trees made in America - Buy Premium Quality Cat Furniture Made In the USA by American Craftsmen.

Dog Bluff - “RAISING DOGS WITH COMMON SENSE” is a great reference book that applies to ALL dog breeds, and will help every dog owner, whether new or experienced. Angela pours 20+ years’ experience, good humor, and powerful lessons learned into this book that will make your life much easier! Learn what to have in your home to handle most dog-related situations. Angela’s secrets & short-cuts for raising a healthy dog will save YOU time & money. Her website serves as an extension of her book with Table of Contents, Testimonials, photo and video Illustrations, and more. Order Angela’s book through the website or call, at 843-358-0650.

Paws N Claws Eyewear - Eyewear for animal lovers. Paws N Claws proudly supports the ASPCA's mission to save lives.

Pet ID Tags - Custom engraved for your beloved dog or cat - Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic. *

Pet Sitting Service - is a directory of companies or individuals that provide pet sitting and other pet related services. You can search for a pet sitting service simply by entering your zip code. * - Premier in the show ring, great for everyday use, handy to have in all your jacket pockets!

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